Planning a visit to the beautiful island of Curaçao?

Experience the rich and diverse flavours of Curaçao with BC Private Chef's gourmet

culinary skills. Whether you are looking for an intimate dinner for two or a lively BBQ

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Creative Culinary Compositions

Creole Delight

A mouth-watering blend of spices and bold flavours inspired by the Caribbean.

Seafood Symphony

A delectable medley of fresh seafood served in a tantalizingly succulent sauce.

French Finesse

Experience the art of French cuisine with our expertly crafted dishes, bursting with delicate flavours and refined techniques.

Experience Luxury Food and Lifestyle with BC Private Chef: Our Mission and Core Values

At BC Private Chef, we specialize in providing an exceptional private chef service that combines luxury food and lifestyle. Our brand mission is rooted in our core values of Pride, Integrity, Ambition and Passion which we never compromise. Since our crucial start in May 2018, we have been committed to delivering the best possible experience to our clients. Whether you're a former Director of the World Bank or simply someone who appreciates high standards and a personal touch, we have the expertise and dedication to make your culinary dreams a reality.

Our dishes are so delicious, you'll be tempted to taste them with your eyes first.

At BC Private Chef, we believe that presentation is as important as taste. Our dishes are not

only visually stunning, but also bursting with bold and complex flavours that will tantalize

your taste buds.

Fresh food, fresh ideas.

Experience culinary bliss with BC Private Chef

We blend Caribbean flavours with international techniques to create innovative dishes that

will surprise you. Our personalized service and attention to detail ensure that each dish is

tailored to your unique preferences. Book BC as your private chef or event catering now and

treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary journey.