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BCPrivateChef offers unique culinary dishes according to all your needs. 
Check out our menus and make great memories.

Delicious dishes made for every special occasion. Private dinners, corporate events, celebrations, team building, and weddings. Check out our menus and make great memories!

Dinner Experience

French Cuisine

Coming from Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Brandon’s passion is creating the most authentic French dishes.

Creole Food

The island of Curaçao is known for it’s succulent local food. Challenge yourself and try something different like ‘Kabritu’ or ‘Yambo’.


Who doesn’t like a perfect pasta Alfredo? Or a delicious lobster thermidor? Match with a delicious wine pair for an amazing experience.

Good Morning Breakfast

Enjoy a private breakfast event for you and your whole family. For example, delicious fresh crêpes with local honey or a great Napoleon omelette.

The Deluxe Good Morning Breakfast includes even more!
Minosa anyone?

Delicious Tasty Homemade crepes or pancakes with blueberries, honey and mint on white plate. Healthy breakfast concept, gluten free. Banner.

Lazy Brunch

Wake up later to a brunch of steaks and eggs, french toasts, burritos, or wraps.

Don’t worry about the time, we will surprise you so just lay back and enjoy the private chef experience, it’s a Lazy Brunch after all!

..and more from our menus!

Midday Lunch

Finished exploring the island and feel like eating at your apartment or villa? Midday Lunch is the perfect option. Lay back at the pool while we pamper you. 

Smokey BBQ

Nothing fancy, you just want to eat! Doesn’t mean it won’t be delicious and tasty. Get ready to feast!

Finger Bites

Gathering with friends or company event? Delicious cheeseballs or exotic bacon bites is what you need.

We also provide the staff service for your event, BC Private Chef is all you need.

Wine Pairing

BC Private Chef is a firm believer that a proper wine pairing will enhance your culinary meals. Choosing the right wine will elevate your private chef experience, so let us pamper you and experience a next level cuisine combined with wine pairing.

Ask us for recomendations  for your dish or let us surprise you with a wine for your steak.


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